"I am beyond you.) -Osmond while in his Ascendant Forme.

The Ascendant Forme is a forme Wanderers can achieve.


While it is unknown how long the Ascendant Forme of a Wanderer has existed, it has certainly been a long time, as early Eagle books depict certain Wanderers in their Ascendant Formes. It is also known that a Wanderer has not entered their Ascendant Forme in the past thirty years, as Osmond hasn't recalled them. However, Lani did mention some Wanderers in a state of delirium that seems similar to what an Ascendant Wanderer undergoes, if these are Ascendant Wanderers is unknown.


When a Wanderer enters his/her Ascendant Forme, a number of changes can be noted, these are not universal and vary by case:

  • Glowing eyes
  • Insanity and ranting
  • Levitation
  • Control of Darkfire
  • Phsycic powers
  • Visions of the Future
  • Loss of self-Control
  • inclination towards more drastic/violent actions

These are not universal and not all can be seen at the same time.