(...You are known as Nightwalkers, as Deathbringers...)-Eaphron, addressing Blood Creatures during the RavenSpire Skirmish.

Blood Creatures are imitations of the animals of Chima, they hail from the Dark World and all of them appear to be competent Warriors.


Most Blood Creatures are the same age as their counterparts in Chima, giving them a very decieving appearance. However, some Blood creatures, and most of the Wanderer imitations, are thousands of years old, causing even more confusion in regards to their blurry history.


The most common Blood Creature is a deep-red clone of one of the tribes of Chima, there is very little deviantion in their appearance, however, some have appeared in different colors, and multiple types have appeared with a set of tentacles on their back, wether this is random or not is currently unknown.


  • Blood Creatures appear to have control over Shadow-Wolves.
  • Blood Creatures have, on occasion spoken, but this is rare.