"This Crisis, and have no doubt, it is a Crisis, must be resolved with blood and steel, not delagation. With this in mind, I must request that the council allow full wartime deployment of troops..."-Ewald to the Eagle Ruling Council.

The Dark World Crisis was a series of battles and skirmishes fought between the tribes of Chima, The Eagle-Lion Coalition, and the Dark World Armies.

First week of the CrisisEdit

Even before the true beginning, Sightings of Blood Creatures and Shadow-Wolves had increased, hinting at the upcoming events. The two days after Eaphron's arrival, the number jumped, and a series of small battles were fought involving Raven Raiders, Eagle Security details, and a Lion tank force.

Events came to a head on the third day, where a small force of Shadow-Wolves and Blood Creatures slaughtered an Eagle town, leaving no survivors. After Eaphron and Osmond discovered the town, a small chase and a battle was fought between a Wolf scouting team and the Dark World Force. This resulted in a no casulties victory for the Wolves.

Three days went by and five more towns fell, these were not reported until the forth day, when the Lions deployed occupation/peacekeeping forces to the major Tribes and Towns, hoping to secure Chima and keep casualties low.

Second week of the CrisisEdit

During the Eagle West Library Incident, a force of Shadow-Wolves attacked the Eagle Spire, however, they were crushed and news of the attack was supressed, making sure only a few knew.

During this time, Shock Ravens began appearing, looting towns and battling against the Dark World and Lion forces. A noticable force of Gorillas also formed, hunting down Dark World Portals in the Deep Jungle and destroying them. These Gorillas also joined with Eagle Hunter-Killer teams, neutrailizing Dark World Portals and inflicting heavy casualities wherever they clashed.

Third WeekEdit

As soon as the third week began, things came to a head as more Dark World portals appeared and Dark World forces began to deply en-masse, bringing the previosly unseen Mata/Metru Spider-Dragons in tow, wreaking havoc wherever they appeared. In response to the rising threat, the Eagles deployed every availible force, up to and including the formidable Eagle Hunters.This did nothing to slow the destruction as other Tribes began to react and fight back.