"We are Eaphron! We are the Angel Of Darkness!"-Eaphron to multiple Blood Creatures during the RavenSpire Skirmish.

Eaphron was a prominent Eagle Wanderer during the Dark World Crisis.


Eaphron originally went by the name of John, and during the first days of his arrival in Chima, willingly accepted a name change to what it currently is. During the opening days of the crisis, Eaphron managed to successfully battle and defeat Eris in a one on one battle. This earned him the title 'Angel of Darkness' from Ewald.


Eaphron's build is very similar to an Eagle Warrior, and he has similar strength as well. The similarities stop there. Eaphron's left shin is scarred from a fight against Sand Sharks, and his right thigh is infected by a Dark World version of Osmond. His Armor bears a prominent wing motif, and his wings are streaked with black feathers. He wears a bone white helmet with three black streaks and has a tendecy to keep it on. Later on he also wore a deep blue robe with gold trim.

Ascendant FormeEdit

Eaphron's first entry to his Ascendant Forme occured during the RavenSpire Skirmish. After Ra'Kayla died at the hands of a Blood Creature, Eaphron entered his Ascendant forme by mistake. Changes to his body included Wings of Bone, eyes and tentacles of Darkfire, and a curious use of 'we' when addressing himself. He was also far more viscious and inclined to more drastic actions. He also had at least some self-control, as he didn't attack his friends like Osmond when he entered his Ascendant Forme.