The ground pound is a classic combat move.

Starting with either a punch to the ground or a jump, the attacker punches the ground with all their strength, creating a shock wave or at least a small earthquake. This causes most people within an area to be launched into the air, leaving them disoriented and sometimes injured.

Variants Edit

Aerial Edit

Aerial ground pounds are more difficult to preform, as the attacker must jump, then attack, this leaves opponents stunned, disoriented and most likely injured.

Jump Edit

A jump ground pound is the most basic type of aerial ground pound. The attack begins and ends in an instant. Beginning with a high jump, the attacker angles themselves downward, in a sort of flip, striking the ground with their fist, causing shrapnel to fly out of the ground, injuring anyone within the debris zone before terminating in a roll. This particular type of ground pound is used almost exclusively by incredibly strong warriors or those with strength boosting 'second wind' armor

Satellite Edit

A satellite ground pound is a base jump-style ground pound often used by human drop troops with iron gauntlets. Dropping straight down, the attacker uses their weight and momentum to strike, sending debris everywhere. To shield themselves, the attacker centers their striking hand "above" their head, creating a crater and therefore, a safe zone before ending in a roll.

Meteor Edit

A meteor ground pound is an attack similar to a satellite except the attacker starts much higher up and almost always lands in a roll. This type of attack is very dangerous to both sides as it results in a large amount of shrapnel and upon landing, if not preformed correctly, serious injury can occur.

Multi-limb Edit

Multi-limb ground pounds are more difficult to preform than the generic attack but much easier than aerial variants.

Big Fist Edit

A big fist ground pound is a fairly standard attack and the second most famous ground pound. Usually beginning with a jump, the attacker joins their fists into one big fist, hence the name, and slams the ground, creating a large shock wave.

Tentacle Slap Edit

A tentacle slap is a variant of the big fist. A heliosatan attacker joins their tentacles into one thick, whip-like tentacle before jumping or front flipping and slapping the ground, creating a long shock wave and occasionally debris.

Twin Fist Edit

A twin fist is a double-fisted ground pound. The attacker jumps into the air, gaining only a couple feet of air before landing, upon landing, they bunch their fists and send a devastating twin shock wave rippling across the ground.