The Impalor is a powerful rail gun capable of disabling energy shields. It's name comes from the fact that when fired, when it doesn't blow them up, it often impales targets.

Created by Ezim after finding the wreckage of a Heliosatanic ship, he stripped it of technology, finding energy shields and gravity arrays. He quickly put these to use, duplicating them and then incorporating them into a scrapped rail gun he'd bought from the beavers. Now easier to lift and providing mobile armor, he test fired it near the Gorge of Eternal Depth and determined it to be too deadly, even with its weakest ammo type, iron reinforcement rods, so he buried it near the Eagle Spires and started another, less deadly project, mega pulse grenades.


Power: Enough when at maximum, with auxilary systems off, to remove an energy shield in one hit

Weight: Roughly 300 lbs.

Ammo: Iron rods, fusion grenades, symmetrical bladed weapons

Other Uses: Troop and vehicle transport (better hope they can fly somehow)