"Don't fight, run!" Eagle Soldier during the Battle of Paradise.

Mata/Metru Spider Dragons are creatures of the Dark World, they are massive creatures of legend inside Chima.


During Chima's early days, the stories of entire towns decimated by fire circled occasionally, along with myths of giant winged creatures in the sky, large enough to blot out the sun, and able to tear earlier Interceptors apart with it's bare claws.

As time went on, the myths and legends dissapated, leaving little behind as evidence of their existence. Even the evidence was regarded as a myth by the time of the Dark World Crisis, where the Spider Dargons made a comeback during the third week, appearing first at the Battle of Paradise, and later in the larger engagements of the Crisis.


Mata/Metru Spider Dargons are a stone gray, with eight legs, spiked tail, and large wings. Their heads are similar to a dragon's, with the addition of black, faceted eyes and a pair of mandibles. The texture of their skin is leather-ish, and they are cabable of shrugging off most hits. Their best weapons are their fire, tail, and claws, all of which are cabable of devestating damage against most enemy units.


Mata/Metru Spider Dragons are damage sponges, able to absorb damage as they advance, this, combined with their claws and flight, allows very little short of a Titan Vehicle to stop them, and they are doubtful, as the Eagle Hunter lost a fight against a pair of them during the Battle of Paradise.


  • Mata/Metru Spider Dragons are the only known destroyers of an Eagle Hunter.
  • Despite the ability to absorb shots, Spider Dragons can go down to a couple well aimed cuts or the rare ballistic weapon, these are both risky but have a better chance than Lasers.