"You have no power, I know the truth." -Osmond to Eaphron during the Eagle West Library incident.

Osmond was an Owl Tribe Wanderer who helped Eaphron through the Dark World Crisis.


Osmond has intentionally kept his past fuzzy to prevent knowledge of his existence. The only confirmed pieces from his life before Chima was that he was once set to ship off to the Vietnam war, and that he accidently killed two people once, if these two events are related is unknown. Sometime during his time in Chima, he befriended a Leopard named Lani and the two began a new age for the Wanderers: Where they were once feared, Lani and Osmond set out to recover them and help them inorporate into their tribes. He did this task before and during the Dark World Crisis, despite his instabilities at the time.


Osmond is a tan and brown Owl, in terms of body shape and structure, he bears a heavy resmeblance to the Eagles and Ravens. His armor is a matte copper color to help blend in a bit better. His signature weapon is a staff that has never left his side, it's always been nearby.

Ascendant FormeEdit

Osmond, during a search in the Eagle Library halls to discover the origins, apparantely found a piece of information that allowed him to enter his Ascendant Forme. When this happened, he gained glowing yellow eyes, similar to a Shadow Wolf, levitation, and telekineis. His voice noticably deepened and gained a reverb effect, despite his use of 'I'. He also lost control of himself, and attacked Eaphron and Lani, before Eaphron managed to halt his rampage.


  • Osmond is in his late 60s/Early 70s.
  • Unlike Eaphron, who could only manipulate objects through DarkFire, Osmond seemed to have no such restriction.
  • Osmond's staff seems to have an ability while in his Ascendant Forme, what this is is currently unknown.