"Paraidse, it's a word of many meanings, to us, it's a real location, our most westward city, every Eagle that has not seen Paradise has not lived."-Eagle Councilor on Paradise.

Paradise is an Eagle city located on The Western Shores, second in population only to the Eagle Spire itself, and at one time surpassing it, Paradise is exactly as the name says.


Paradise is located in the Southern part of the Western Shores, closing in on the Croc swamp and located on a thin strand of land between the Ocean and a marsh. Named by Eagle settlers long ago by the descriptions, Paraidse has remained so, becoming an important mining city, as well as conributing to Eagle culture greatly.


Paradise has a relatively quiet, but colorful history, ebing the Birthplace of many Eagle leaders and inventors. Until the Dark World Crisis, Paradise had never seen a single battle, despite its proximity to the Croc swamp.

When the Dark World Crisis hit, Paradise was the site of the first major battle, which devestated the city and surrounding Jungle. Civillains had been evacuated, so casualities were relatively low statiscally, but it left both the Home Guard and Hunter Support Group desvestated and no longer capable as a fighting force, as well as destorying an Eagle Hunter. Eaphron also left the western ocean-side portion in ruins, though seeing the damae to the rest of the city, it was a small portion.