"It's a type of northern border for us, we have towns on the edge, but going any deeper is very dangerous."-Eagle commenting on the presence of Lion and Eagle towns on the edge of Razor Jungle.

Razor Jungle, also known as Northern Jungle, is a portion of Northwestern Chima.


Razor Jungle borders the fangs, causing massive rocks to thrust into the sky, giving it its name.

Despite the name being common use, where exactly Razor Jungle ends is desputed, due to the presence of the rocks further South than one would believe. It's generally agreed however, that the Jungle is a two-hundred mile band between Chima's normal Jungle and the Fangs.


Razor Jungle is a dark place shrouded in mystery, those that go in rarely come out unless they are prepared. The jungle as a whole appears haunted, and critical equipment failures are disturbingly common. Ruins are common, and ghouls are commonly seen around the ruins, however, judging by descriptions, they are no creature of Chima.

Where the ruins came from is unknown, as no tribe has ever tried to establish a settlement in Razor Jungle, however, this is hints towards an old tribe having built them, which is unknown.


  • Razor Jungle is home to some aggressive creatures of Chima, even the vegatation isn't too friendly, being posionous or venomous, often both.
  • Razor Jungle has been compared to the Outlands in terms of habitability, and this is an oft seen argument.
  • The Jungle IS haunted.