"You're not very strong, stupid eagle." -Reptor to Ezim

Reptor is a short, thin, slightly crazy, male raven spy, with a high voice, often mistaken for a kid.

Reptor got his start as an ordinary raven but didn't grow very fast. he didn't let this stop him though and he quickly became an elite spy by the time he reached the Age of Becoming, where he received special matte gray spy armor. When Rawzom, the raven king saw the opportunity to stir up trouble for the eagles, and wolves, he appointed Reptor for job.

Trivia Edit

Though his assignment was just to mess things up at the Eagle Spires, Reptor, being slightly crazy, wound up killing Ezim's parents within a day of each other, this was thought to have been an accident the first time but the second time, only a well placed cover up secured his innocence.

His name was originally a play on 'kleptomania' or 'klepto', the uncontrollable urge to steal but now it's more of a play on 'raptor' a bird of prey.

He is unsurprisingly Ezim's archenemy.