"Most have never heard of the Relics of the Wanderers, this is the most venerated of my relics, the Seeker armor, or what I managed to recover. Whatever I didn't I crafted an imitation of, this your history Eaphron, learn it well." -Osmond, commenting on the Seeker Armor shortly after donning it.

The Seeker Armor was a set of Armor used by Osmond during the Dark World Crisis, it saw use in many minor and major battles,serving Osmond well.


The Seeker armor, as used by Osmond, was a mixture of Blacksmith-built parts and the original armor itself, leading to an odd hybrid of copper and silver in color.

The original armor pieces are silver, and cover the lower torso, head, and wing bones. The more recent pieces cover the shins, thighs, arms, and upper torso. The helmet completely obscures the head and resembles a bird's skull, with subtle burn marks along portions of it. Fire is carved along the silver pieces, while Osmond had the rebuilt portions engraved with similar patterns.

The most potent portions of the armor is the weapons that Osmond recovered with it and belong to the set. A set of silver claws for the hands and feet, built to cut and gouge, were found, along with a Scythe that Osmond carried after donning the armor. The Nocte Donum, a silver Warscythe recovered with the helmet, and something Osmond had never shown anyone pre-Dark World Crisis.


The Seeker armor's history is unclear, and close to nothing is known about it. Osmond dedicated a year to tracking it's history, visiting Ruins, going over the armor, and searching thousands of books for anything related to it. His searches yielded nothing however, and Osmond resigned to keeping the armor hidden, figuring one day he might need it.

Osmond's suspecions were proven right when the Dark World Crisis shifted from a series of battles into a full blown war, around the same time as the battle of Paradise, Osmond recovered the armor from a hidden location.

The Armor and Nocte Donum saw use in the Major battles.


  • Nocte Donum means Night's Gift.
  • The name for the Seeker armor has dual meaning, in-universe, it's a name for the lack of information on it, out of universe, it's name is drawn from an abandeoned Owl Tribe concept.