(Extremely dangerous and rare, the Shadow-Wolf has a reputaton for sheer overkill being required, with nothing else bringing them down)- Book description of a Shadow-Wolf.

Shadow-Wolves are rare creatures hailing from the Dark World.


Shadow-Wolves are quadraped, with pitch-black fur and glowing yellow eyes. They stand roughly three feet tall and are about four feet long, five with their tail. As their name implies, Shadow-Wolves are made out of shadow itself, setting them apart from even other creatures in the Dark World.


Shadow-Wolves have a long history in Chima, with even the oldest books mentioning the 'ghost wolves', with descriptions and depictions of them matching the Shadow-Wolf. These sightings continued over Chima's thousand years of peace, they rarely attacked, but when they did, even one could clear a town. Pack sightings were rare, and the creatures were assumed to be solitary beasts.

About a year before Eaphron's arrival, the sightings of Shadow-Wolves jumped slightly. However, upon Eaphron's arrival and the start of the Dark World Crisis saw a massive jump as packs of Shadow-Wolves began to appear, clashing with Eagle-Lion Coalition security forces and the main tribes as the Crisis exploded. Wherever the Dark World forces were fought, Shadow-Wolves were there.


  • Shadow-Wolves can catch fire, but not burn, how or why this happens is unknown.
  • Osmond's Ascendant Forme seems to have the same eyes as a Shadow-Wolf.
  • The only major battle of the Dark World Crisis where Shadow-Wolves did not particapate was the RavenSpire Skirmish, where the Dark World forces consisited soley of Blood Creatures.