"Its name is Somnium Herba, I'm unaware of the meaning of the first word, but the second means blade, it has seen few battles, and has awaited its true owner since the day it was crafted..."-Osmond, introducing Somnium Herba.

Somnium Herba is an Eagle Royal Weapon crafted and built hundreds of years before the Dark World Crisis, where it saw the most use in the hands of the Wanderer Eaphron.


Somnium was built shortly after the Eglaxxor, as one of five weapons imbued with the Light and World Powers. After it was built, it saw use in the hands of Eagle royalty before being lost along the Western Shores. Osmond later found and recovered the tool, planing to give it to the first Eagle Wanderer, however, when that one perished, it would be another fifteen years before the weapon was touched. it found itself in Eaphron's hands, and saw use in most major battles of the Dark World Crisis.


Somnium resembled the Eglaxxor in basic appearance, but it had elaborate vine-like engravings along its hilt and blade, with the other end terminating in a spike.