Please review this before creating a page, it's incredibly important.

Page Naming: Page naming can sometimes be difficult, here are some general guidelines:

OC (Original Creation/Character): <Character Name> (<Username> OC)

Canon: <Character Name> (Canon)

Vehicle or Weapon: <Object Name> (<Username>)

Place: <Place Name> <General Location (If applies)> (<Username>)

Chapter: <Chapter Name and/or Number> <Story Name> (<Username>)

General Info: General info comes first on a page and is often just appearance and for nonliving objects uses.

Example: Ezim (pronounced Ee-zye-imm) is a quick-witted white-feathered eagle inventor with dark blue markings as opposed to the normal light blue.

This wiki has a few, very strict rules about editing:

1: Only edit your own property unless directly given permission by the owner with the exception of adding links and spoiler/vulgarity warnings. Chapter pages must ALWAYS be given spoiler warnings NO MATTER WHAT.

2: Greifing and vandalism will be taken very seriously and will result in a warning or ban.

3: Canon characters having add-ons such as children not appearing in canon or military specializations must be put in a category named in the following format: <Character Name> in <Username> <Novel Name> <Series Name (If applies)>

4: You must have permission to borrow characters and add-ons to pages must be in the same format as above. The original owner has the ability to make edits to this section too and may remove them if they see fit.

5: Credit ABSOLUTELY MUST BE GIVEN WHERE CREDIT IS DUE to avoid copyright infringement. This includes outside references. Examples: Lothar is owned by LEGO Group. Halo is owned by 343 Industries and Bungie.