"The Western Border is quiet and peaceful, It's nice there." -Eris, commenting on the Western Shores.

The Western Shores, also known as The End of the World and Chima's edge, is a series of beaches bordering Chima's Western edge.


The Western shores are usually peaceful except during the summer, where torrentional storms lash the most of the beaches, occasionally moving inwards and causing a great deal of destruction before dying out. Most of the Beaches themselves are flat, but high dunes and rocky cliffs can be found along if one looks hard enough.

Notable LocationsEdit

StormCloud beach is located here. Long before the Dark World Crisis, when they were forced to do so again, the Crocs used the sea for transport, and a load of Chi was lost in the waters. The Chi has had a long-lasting effect, dissapating storms but somehow causing an eternal Stormcloud overhead, hence it's name. The worst weather experienced is a light drizzle. The Empress can be found here.

Osmond's home is located about a mile inland further north, he uses it as storage and as a base of operations.

Paradise is located on a penisula in the far south, closer to where the Croc swamp filters into the sea. Paradise is important for Iron mining, and, at one point, passing the Eagle Spire in population. The area is well known and famous among the Eagles, it was also where the first major Eagle (Later Eagle/Lion coalition) battle against the Dark World Forces was fought, and where the first true appearance of the Mata/Metru Spider Dragons took place.

A portion of the fangs can be found in the frigid artic area in the far north of the Beaches, where absolutely nothing lives except Outcasts and the occasional Insane Wanderer.


  • Despite the storms, populations are able to make do with relatively basic designs, as flooding never seems to be an issue.