(...I may know our origins, but much of our history is a myth.) Osmond on the history of the Wanderers.

A Wanderer is a person who has passed from Earth to Chima in an event known as The Passing.


A Wanderer is a human who has passed from Earth to Chima, arriving in Chima as one of the twelve animal tribes. The first sighting is believed to have been noted from the Eagles, though there are indications that the Wanderers are older, possibly even older than the Phoenix themselves.

Much of the Wanderers origins and history is sketchy, as the Eagle Tribe books on the matter rarely elaborate on how Wanderers appear.


Wanderers are gifted with a wide set of powers, however, most of these can only be ultilized in a personality change where a Wanderer enters his/her Ascendant Forme, The Ascendant Forme can put a Wanderer on equal footing with a Demigod, at a price. This includes a loss of Self-control and brief insanity.